Rimi shares her knowledge and passion for Indian classical music with aspiring singers and musicians. The availability of online classes for music has certainly made it easier for individuals from all over the world to learn Indian music, regardless of their location. It's a great way to connect with experienced musicians and teachers, and to receive personalized feedback and guidance on your progress.

Rimi's experience in learning music through the traditional and rigorous ways of "Guru Shishya Parampara" in classical music her virtuoso music teacher and semi-classical music

“The rise of interest in Indian classical music is a testament to the beauty and richness of this traditional art form, and it's heartening to see that more and more people are taking an interest in learning it.”

Rimi’s Rhythm

Rimi's mentoring programs are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students, and she tailors her approach to meet the individual needs of each student

mentoring programs

Her mentoring program covers various aspects of Indian and semi-classical music, including vocal and instrumental techniques, swar, alankaar, pitch, taal, ragas, and composition. She also provides guidance on performance techniques and stage presence. Her teaching USP includes voice culturing and vocal modulation, essential for dubbing and playback singing.

“Get in touch with your Indian roots through classical music learning”

  • One-on-one online sessions
  • Personalized feedback
  • Guidance on voice modulation
  • Singing
  • Lyric writing
  • Voice culturing
  • Playback singing


In addition to her mentoring programs, Rimi is also a judge on various music reality shows, including SaReGaMaPa, and has served as a mentor on several musical projects. Her innovative teaching methods and vast experience in the industry make her an ideal mentor for aspiring musicians and singers.

What’s next after mentoring with Rimi?

Rimi helps her students with production & post production in a number of ways, like:

Stage performance
Recording in a studio
Lyrical Assistance
Production Technique
Musical Recalibration
Performance Feedback
Promotion Strategy

Rimi’s dedication to her students, both in terms of mentoring and practical support, is an important part of what makes her a coveted mentor in the industry. Ultimately, Rimi’s involvement in the production process will depend on the nature of her relationship with the student and their specific goals and needs. However, her primary role is to provide ongoing support and guidance to help her students achieve success and realize their full potential as musicians and share their music with the world.