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Shyam Rang mora

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Tujhse Lage Nain

00:00 03:54

Artist Bio

“Music is my worship; it is what keeps me synchronized with the universe. Music resonates with every aspect of way. It is spirituality for me”

Musical maestro, Rimi Basu Sinha, is one of the handful of female music composers in the country. Mumbai-based independent artist, Rimi is a multifaceted artist; singer, composer, lyricist, mentor, voice trainer, and anchor to name a few. She is a woman with limitless talents. Born in an affluent family in Allahabad, she was raised in the company of music and theater. Her success was imminent as she had set eyes on the prize early in life. Since the tender age of 6 she immersed herself in musical training and cultural programmes! By 15, she became an AIR artist and took part in many concerts. Since then, there has been no looking back, she has been there and done it all.


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